Promoting CSR in Myanmar

The call to action for local Myanmar companies to develop their own CSR programs has been raised. This requires support from the government by enabling an environment for CSR development which includes tax incentives, transparency standards, and poverty programs allows private participation, etc.

Leading business leaders should also spearhead the promotion of CSR in their respective companies. Modeling their companies as CSR practitioners will provide emerging local companies with examples to emulate. A core of business advocates like the Myanmar Business Coalition on Aid (MBCA) will help pass on the idea of responsible corporate citizenship. Some companies with bad records try to refurbish their images by doing philanthropy thinking it will do them a makeover. CSR is more than just public relations stunt, and consumers can see through the veil. It should be an integral component intertwined with the overall business strategy of the corporation.

Some of CSR activities from Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association