CSR Activities of MGMA

International businesses have flooded Myanmar’s market since the recent government transition. That trend is expected to continue as Myanmar relaxes more laws to make it easier for foreigners to invest and open branches within the country. With this new venture now available to them, many foreign companies are wondering how they can encourage business friendly relations with the government and local people. A lot of companies have found the answer in implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies into their business plans. CSR is a business concept where the company integrates the needs of the local society and environmental concerns into their operations. This is seen as a way to encourage economic growth and ensure that more people benefit from opportunities the new business provides.

Concepts related to corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The most common stereotype of a corporation is a fast money-making
machine that maximizes profits at the expense of the people working
within it, its clients
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CSR in ASEAN countries

One of the most successful examples is the Philippine Business
for Social Progress (PBSP). It is an organization formed in 1970
by 50 business leaders, contributing
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Promoting CSR in Myanmar

The call to action for local Myanmar companies to develop
their own CSR programs has been raised.
This requires support from the government by enabling
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