Employer’s Package

Employer’s Package

You do not know anymore which are the updated laws and how do they apply in your business?
How to calculate overtime?
What to do to form a workplace coordinating committee?
An employee is too ofter absent without justification: what to do to terminate employment?
How to issue employment contract?
One of your workers will be soon on maternity leave: how to get access to social security funds?

* If you are struggling with all these matters, join the MGMA Employer’s Package *


Unique insights into labour law industrial relations and detailed secroral analysis.


A series of up-to-date briefings form the MGMA team on key labour issues including HR best practice

Information and advice

HR Advice on employee relations, industrial relations, WCC formation and HR policies and procedures.

Assistance in case of labour dispute

Easy access to township labour offices, arbitration and relevant labour departments. Assistance for dealing with blocking strikes and preparing documents ft r arbitratio.

Training and Skills

Access to wiide variety of management training and professional development programmes.

Voluntary Labour Audit service

Voluntary audit to make sure you are fully compliant with national labour law and ready for audits by international brands or embark in certification system.

The Employers’ Package Services in more details

Stay Informed


Labour law is regularly changing and new regulations come out every week? You do not know anymore which are the updated laws and how do they apply in your business?

Receive our monthly newsletter and enjoy exclusive access to our information including regular updates on labour laws and regulations and stay ahead of the game in anticipating how future development will impact your business.


You rarely have the time to meet your peers, discuss with experts and have a drink together?

Get access to our cocktial briefings and network with peers to learn latest development on labour laws and regulations and learn from best HR practitioners.

Get advices

Information and advice

How do I calculate overtime? What shall I do to form a workplace coordinating committee? An employee is too often absent without justification: what shall I do to terminate employment?
One of your worker will be soon on maternity leave: how to get access to social security funds?

Receive legal advisory regarding labour laws and regulations 24/7 by phone or email and in person on business days. Get access to our review service of HR contracts and policies in all areas including leave, redundancy, working time, grievance and disciplinary issues.

Assistance in case of labour dispute

An employee is filling a grievance: how shall I handle this? A group of workers is blocking the entrance of my factory: what can I do? The dispute is now at the arbitration level: how shall I prepare for thar?

MGMA can assist businesses in dispute resolution process including dealing with township labour offices, preparing documents to arbitration and representing at all levels of dispute resolution mechanism.

Improve your skills

Training and development

Where to get access to quality training really responding to our needs? Why are training always too long or too expensive? Why are training not specific enough?

We listened from you through MGMA members companies needs assessment survey. MGMA is now ready to provide short and effective training replying to your needs. Our offer includes training on:

Labour law: Leave and Holidays, Overtime calculation, Dealing with absenteeism and low productivity, Employment contracts, Termination of employment and Formation of WCC.

Occupational Safety and Health: Risk assessment, Formation of OSH Committee.

HR management: bonus system and variable pay schemes, supervisory skills, coaching and counselling.

Voluntary Labour audit service

Our labour audit will support you in understanding if you are compliant to the national laws and regulations and also if you are ready to become a supplier of brands requiring compliance with higher requirements that go beyond what the law demands.

The benefit would include:

  • Auditing and benchmarking against eight health and wellbeing standards
  • On-site assessments by technical assessors
  • Toolkits, guides and roadmaps to be fully compliant
  • Personalised and confidential report

The annual fee varies depending on the number of employees in your factory.

The promotional annual fee for this year will be as low as follow

Factory with up to 500 employees 100,000/-MMK per year
Factory with 501 to 1000 employees 200,000/-MMK per year
Factory with 1001 to 2000 employees 350,000/-MMK per year
Factory with 2001 to 4000 employees 600,000/-MMK per year
Factory with over 4000 employees 1,000,000/-MMK per year

How to be member of MGMA Employer’s Package?
Just go to Employers’ Package Membership Online Form (or) scan QR code.
Fill in the form in English and make payment within 30 days.
Scan QR Code for the MGMA Employer’s Package Registraion Form

Please credit membership fee to following bank account in 30 days.
Bank Details:
Bank Name – Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd.
Account No – 1650208624
Please make payment in cash in person at MGMA Office in 30 days.

Be our member and enjoy our services!

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