Background of MGMA

Background of MGMA

The Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association is committed to change our factory members by providing valuable technical training services and supporting them in finding business opportunities.

Together, our member factories provide jobs and livelihoods for approximately 450,000 workers. We are proud to be an anchor of support for an industry on whom so many families depend.

The MGMA facilitates responsible foreign investment in the sector. With the best sectorial knowledge available, our association is well-positioned to provide expert advice regarding your business development plans. Whether you intend to launch a garment factory, supply for one or source from one, MGMA can help your business engage with one of Myanmar’s most exciting & thriving export sectors.

In 2015 and 2016, MGMA is working to introduce new services so that we can engage with our members in new & productive ways. In addition to improving our research and publications unit, we have introduced business-to-business networking events and a more robust business matchmaking service.

MGMA’s Organization Chart


European Union





Trade Agreements Status
ASEAN Free Trade Agreement Signed and in effect
ASEAN – Australia, New Zealand Signed and in effect
ASEAN – China Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Signed and in effect
ASEAN – India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Signed and in effect
ASEAN – Japan Comprehensive Economic Partenership Signed and in effect
ASEAN – Korea Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Signed and in effect
Myanmar – US Trade and Inverstment Framewrok Agreement Signed
ASEAN – Hong Kong China Free Trade – Aggreement Signed
BIMSTEC (Bengal Initiative for Mylti-sector Tech. Cop.) Free Trade Agreement Negotiations Launched
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Negotiations Launched
European Union – Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) In effect

Our Member

MGMA is the apex business association for the Myanmar garment sector. Our membership grew by 65 companies in 2014, most of our new members are foreign-invested garment manufacturers. As of September, 2019 MGMA membership included over 550 active member companies. In addition to operating more than 450 garment factories, our membership includes several design firms, commodities inspection companies, a few retail shops and a pattern-making training school.
MGMA members included in our database, are better able to connect with foreign buyers, participate and find out about regional and international exhibitions and receive privileged access to our training & advisory services. Membership costs only 50,000 Myanmar kyats per annum + an initial induction fee of 100,000 kyats.
A comprehensive and quarterly updated membership booklet with factory contact information and basic details is available for purchase in the MGMA office. An MGMA members directory is also included with our annual research report – Myanmar’s Garment industry in 2018 & beyond. And as of June 2020, MGMA membership included over 603 active member companies’.