Doing Business in Myanmar


Land, space and building


Industrial, commercial, residential and others; multiple locations; industrial zones

Rental space

Office space, commercial space, warehouse, residential place, etc.

Building construction

E.g. Factory with reinforced concrete structure

Human resources


Minimum wage, basic salary, overtime, typical allowances, social security etc.(Unskilled workers, skilled workers, engineers, supervisors, managers, etc.Human resource development,Vocational training, business management training etc.


Investment process

Company registration and investment approval (DICA/MIC/SEZ)

Business establishment process

Governmental obligatory registrations and licenses for business start up (by labor/immigration offices, line ministries, local governments and designated associations)


Corporate tax, commercial tax, withholding tax, stamp duty, income tax etc.

Export-Import logistics

Customs and clearance

Tariff rate, handling fee, documentation, CoO etc.


Licensing, documentation etc.

Overseas logistics

20ft container maritime/aviation freight cost with major destinations

Cross-border logistics

Land transportation via major borders with neighboring countries

Domestic logistics

Truck, railway, inland water between major cities, toll road fee, etc.

Cargo handling cost

Loading/unloading cost, warehouse etc.

Infrastructure usage


Electricity, water, sewage, waste treatment, gas, fuel, generator etc.: for each item, installation/ initial cost, tariff table, running cost, service fee etc.


Mobile phone, landline, internet; subscription, rate for call/SMS/data.

Business services and others

Finance and insurance

Bank account, loan, transfer, saving and other financial services

Business services

Lawyers, accountants, translators/interpreters, business consultants etc.

Engineering services

Environment (EIA/IEE), building/fire/electricity inspection, IT etc.

Mission costs

Hotel room rates, rent-a-car rates, visas etc.

Foreigner’s living cost

Accommodations, commodities, medical and education costs, vehicles, etc.

Population of Ratio of States and Regions

Comparison of minimum wages between Myanmar and Selected Countries