Welcome Message from Chairman

Welcome to Myanmar and thank you for your interest in the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association! Our organization is proud to be the main forum and business services organization supporting the garment industry in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s apparel industry is small compared with our neighbors in Bangladesh, China and Thailand, but we are currently experiencing robust and sustained growth as international investors and retailers discover the attractive features of our industry. Garment sector exports revenues are jumping significantly each year, and the continued growth of the industry will surely create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the years to come.

Certainly, our industry faces many challenges. The banking sector in Myanmar is under-developed, infrastructure outside Yangon is naescent and our international product sourcing networks are often smaller than many of our counterparts in other countries. These are serious obstacles to growth, but MGMA is addressing these problems and others with steady determination, organizing capacity building and advocating for policy improvements.

We are now working with several partners & stakeholders, from government policymakers, to international NGOs, to private sector investors, retailers and foreign brands. With our welcoming and industrious culture, highly literate population, and competitive production costs, Myanmar is quickly becoming an extremely attractive location for international garment sourcing.