Request a Research Report

Data in Myanmar can be hard to come by. With immense international interest in Myanmar’s garment production potential, MGMA often gets requests about a wide range of topics from domestic textile production capacity to garment factory FOB readiness to SEZ infrastructure and tax incentives.

We make much information available publicly free of charge in our MM Garment Sector Research Library, but as a business membership organization, we rely on service charges to finance our activities. Our professional office staff are well-equipped to provide interested companies and investors with topical briefing reports.

Examples include:

  • Overview of textile production in Myanmar
  • Infrastructure overview for garment factory zones in: Pathein, Bago and Thilawa.
  • Current data on garment exports to the EU and US
  • Textile imports: Facts & Figures

Please contact our staff here to inquire about available options for bespoke research reports on your area of interest.