The Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association has created an online import license application system for our member companies to process their import license applications faster and more efficiently. This system has been designed to electronically link factory users (our members), the MGMA office staff and the Ministry of Commerce. Import licenses are used to regulate taxes and monitor imports/exports, the MGMA is responsible for checking the consumption ratio of fabric imports vs. garment exports, to ensure factories comply with applicable laws.

This online system will replace the old paper-based system, and should result in substantial savings due to reduced processing times. Factory staff were trained how to use the system on 27th of May, 2016 at the UMFCCI’s, Mingalar Hall.

*This system will launch on June 8th, 2016 – starting from this date new users will be able to register with the online system, which can be accessed here (but not ready for public use until June 8th): MGMA Online Portal

We hope all factory users will quickly take advantage of this new system. Factory users are able to trace the ‘current status’ of their import license application easily and quickly via the online system. It also ensures greater accuracy and transparency of the process. We estimate that more than 10,000 trips (per year) between factory/MGMA/MoC/Customs offices by factory shipping staff will be eliminated because of this new approach (the online application submission means far fewer physical visits to the offices for document stamping and approval will be required).

This represents a tremendous step forward for the MGMA and our hundreds of member companies. We encourage our members to implement this new approach and use the system to its full potential. Support and guidance on using the system is available at the MGMA office by our staff – call them to schedule a follow-up training if you are having trouble using the system. The paper-based system will be phased out by the end of July, 2016.

First time users of the system need to log-in using: 1) Username = 6 digit code provided by the Ministry of Commerce (Moc) to identify the factory 2) First-time password provided by the MoC (but can be changed after initial log-in and 3) E-token provided by MoC

The system is user-friendly, but here is the complete and detailed system user manual, in case you need additional information:

MGMA Online System User Manual (Myanmar language) 30.5.2016

MGMA Online System User Manual (English language) 30.5.2016