Below are several slides in Myanmar language, Chinese (Mandarin) and English. They were all part of an introductory “Factory Fire Safety & Prevention” awareness seminar provided by Bart Seliger, expert from WRAP.

PDF documents တွေ3 မြန်မာ ဘာသာစကား, တရုတ် နှင့်အင်္ဂလိပ်ဘာသာတို့ ဖြစ်ကြ၏။

Slides from the lecture are available here in PDF form:

Intro to Fire Safety – Why we do fire safety training?

The role of ‘fire safety officers’ in the factory

What is fire?

Dangers of smoke

Escape procedures

Fire extinguisher use

Fire detection equipment

Fire detection equipment

Fire prevention

Fire safety risk assessments

An expert from WRAP taught an introduction to fire safety to staff and managers from 20 factories, as well as officers from the Yangon Fire Brigade.