MGHRDC’s first Labour Law Training

Myanmar Garment Human Resources Development Center (MGHRDC) is training school of the MGMA. Daw Khine Khine Nwe, Secretary General of MGMA conducted first ever Basic Labour Law Training for trainees who will enter into employment very soon after their basic sewing course in MGHRDC. She designed and delivered very simple training course so that every young person in the class can understand and absorb knowledge of their rights and responsibilities written in the labour laws. She emphasized only there words of Value, Rights and Responsibilities.

She defined “Value” as self-value that literally a person values oneself by complying with ethical standards, obeying the rules and working hard. And that self-valued person who understand Rights and Responsibilities become valuable person, she explained.

Finally, she wrapped up the training by saying that “if you are a valuable person, don’t worry, your boss would love you and if your boss loves you then the money will follow you”.

MGMA Social Compliance Awards 2017

MGMA invites the applications for the “MGMA Social Compliance Awards 2017” in collaboration with Smart Myanmar to be presented at the “MGMA’s 4th Annual Factory Awards Dinner 2017”. Date of event is expected to be at the beginning December 2017 and we will informed shortly.

Find Invitation for more details and Application Form for the award.

The MGMA published a press release on current situation of garment sector.

A number of recent reports have placed a negative light on Myanmar’s garment sector. We believe that these reports don’t accurately portray the reality of the sector. We also acknowledge that there are some shortcomings.The MGMA is committed to using its limited resources and capacity to helping address these. So the MGMA published a press release on 2017-10-04.

The MGMA Press Release on 2017-10-04 (Myanmar) is here.

The MGMA Press Release on 2017-10-04 (English) is here.

“Made in Myanmar”: MGMA at the Apparel Sourcing Fair in Paris supported by AVE

From September 18th to 21st, AVE together with its project partner the “Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association” (MGMA) exhibited for the first time at the Apparel Sourcing Fair in Paris, to promote Myanmar as a new sourcing market for the clothing industry.

Trade fair visitors have been able to exchange directly with the Myanmar delegates about market potentials and sourcing conditions. In addition, they were able to gain valuable insights into characteristics and strength of the Myanmar garment industry and the diversified range of products. High quality samples were shown off including technical outerwear, down and padded jackets, sportswear, Kids wear, for men’s and women’s wear woven and knitted garments from selected companies as Eurogate, Fook Hing, Heri Garment, Kakado Myanmar, Maple Trading, Myanmar Unique Garment Company, Myanmar Synergy, Shwe Yi Zabe Garment, Thong Tai Textile and Walton Group.

The interest from potential clients was strong: numerous conversations and meetings were held with buyers, but also with other stakeholders. A special highlight was the presentation by Daw Khine Khine Nwe, the General Secretary of MGMA, on the topic of “Sourcing opportunities in Myanmar”, which has met with great interest from audience. MGMA was honored to welcome the Counselor of the Myanmar Embassy to Paris as VIP visitor.

AVE aims to strengthen MGMA in establishing Myanmar as a viable and sustainable resource market for the European garment/textile sector. Myanmar ambassador to Berlin met with MGMA delegation to discussed on the focus of the cooperation is on compliance standards, to support manufacturers, to produce in a more competitive and sustainable way and to upgrade their value-chain

If you missed the show but are interested in the Myanmar Garment Sector, please do not hesitate to contact us!



MGMA in-office pre-intermediate English course

MGMA is now implementing several staff capacity building programs with the intension to offer in the future more proficient services by MGMA for the development of Myanmar garment sector.
These capacity building programs started in January 2017 with a staff capacity assessment workshop for all MGMA staffs, including the Training Centre MGHRDC, and has been facilitated by Myanmar Development Professional (MDP). An English language proficiency assessment test was organized with the British Council (BC).

MGMA’s in-office pre-intermediate English course was completed on 09th Jun, 2017. The course was supported by AVE, for the capacity development of MGMA’s staffs in communicating with international organizations, NGOs, INGOs. Thanks to support from our partner AVE and tutor Ms. Shivani Suresh, MGMA’s staffs have improved their English a lot and now they are confident to communicate effectively with foreign business partners. MGMA will arrange more English trainings in the near future.

MGMA response to “Myanmar Dilemma” report

The MGMA has issued the following response to the extremely inaccurate, misleading and sensationalized report published recently by SOMO, first covered by The Guardian and now covered by Der Spiegel and other newspapers.

We are deeply disturbed that biased, unscientific and in-transparent “reporting” is allowed to be presented as journalism. In fact, the news coverage is not based on first-hand or even second hand observations, but rather relies on unsubstantiated third-hand accounts.

We invite you to read our full response to The Guardian here:

Response to inaccuracies in Guardian article

MGMA’s 3rd Annual Factory Awards Dinner

The MGMA is pleased to once again organize the largest annual business networking event for the Myanmar garment industry. Factories will be honored for achievements in social compliance and manufacturing excellence.

When is it?

Saturday, November 19th

Who is it for?

Hundreds of investors and managers from garment factories, logistics companies, international brands & fashion retailers and other industry service providers.

How much do tickets cost?

20,000 kyats for all MGMA members
35,000 kyats for non-members
With all tickets, buy 4 and get the 5th free!

Where is it?

Rose Garden Hotel Grand Ballroom
#171 Upper Pansodan Street, Yangon

Tickets on sale now at the MGMA office! Or, contact [email protected] to RSVP.

Poster for MGMA’s 3rd Annual Factory Awards Dinner

Weighing the Pressure – MGMA and KOGAM Report

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.16.39 PM

In March 2016, Action Labor Rights (ALR) released a report entitled

“Under Pressure,” which was based on a survey of approximately 1,200
workers at Korean garment factories in
Myanmar. It argued that there was “significant non-compliance on the
part of many Korean factories, particularly with laws on working hours
and overtime.”

The Korean Garment Manufacturers Association (KOGAM) and the Myanmar
Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) acknowledge that there are
compliance issues in a number of garment factories. However, KOGAM and
MGMA believe that “Under Pressure” is not a comprehensive or accurate
portrayal of Korean garment manufacturers in Myanmar.

One of the major findings of “Under Pressure”, on noncompliance on
working hours and overtime, is based on a legal view that the maximum
total working hours per week for
factories is sixty. However, Myanmar’s legal framework allows for a
maximum of 64 hours. If the information collected for “Under Pressure”
is re-examined in light of this, the  compliance of Korean factories
improves dramatically. Based on worker surveys, up to 98% of workers
reported that in an average week, factories complied with the law
about overtime hours. While even a small percentage of non-compliance
is unacceptable, these figures indicate that non-compliance with
overtime regulations is relatively rare among Korean factories.

The research for “Under Pressure” was completed in early 2015, before
the implementation of the minimum wage, so it gives a somewhat
outdated picture of the Korean manufacturers. Since the implementation
of the minimum wage in September 2015, much has changed in the Myanmar
garment sector. In order to show these improvements, KOGAM and MGMA
conducted a rapid survey of Korean garment factories. At KOGAM
factories, the minimum wage has led to significant increases in
worker’s take home pay. In the Myanmar context, these wages are
competitive with many other sectors. Many factories have also improved
in other areas, such as signing employment contracts with workers.

KOGAM and MGMA acknowledge that “Under Pressure” raises a number of
other important issues, and recognizes the need for continued
improvement and dialogue with workers about these issues. Many issues,
particularly around factory health and safety, can and should be
discussed and resolved at the factory level. For all issues, though,
dialogue should come before confrontational public reports and
statements are made. KOGAM and MGMA believe that the best approach is
to dialogue about issues first. KOGAM and MGMA want constructive
engagement with workers and unions, based on factual information,
regular dialogue, and mutual respect for all parties.

Read the full report here: MGMA – Weighing the Pressure

Upcoming events & seminars

There are several exciting events coming up which have been co-organized by the MGMA. All MGMA members are welcome. Upcoming events include:

• “Increasing product value + saving resources with environmental labels & sustainable approaches” – a seminar hosted by SMART Myanmar featuring Dr. Christina Raab from and Julia Bakutis from H&M. Event details: June 17th, 2pm-5pm at Taw Win Garden Hotel. *free-of-charge* RSVP by contacting: [email protected]

Environmental labels & sustainable approaches (Myanmar language flyer)

Environmental labels & sustainable approaches (English)

• The “5th Annual Garment & Textile Machinery Exhibition” at Myanmar Event Park from June 24th-June 27th. This event is organized by Yorkers and the MGMA. All members and non-members are welcome to attend. *free-of-charge*

• The 2nd Annual “Monsoon Meet-up business networking evening on June 25th from 5pm-7:30pm. This is the 2nd largest event of the year for business networking across the Myanmar garment industry. Tickets are on sale now in the MGMA office. Last year’s event gathered 150 inviduals from about 80 different companies (factories, retailers, machine suppliers, etc). This event is organized by the MGMA and sponsored by Yorkers. Email [email protected] or call the MGMA office to reserve your ticket.

Monsoon Meet-up 2016 (flyer)

• Later in the year, on November 19th, the MGMA will be hosting our largest annual networking event: The 3rd Annual MGMA Factory Awards Dinner. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for interested companies and event tickets are on sale in the MGMA office starting from late June. Last year’s awards dinner had approx. 250 guests, including factories and service providers from across the entire Myanmar garment industry.

Companies at last year's "Monsoon Meet-up" business networking event.

Companies at last year’s “Monsoon Meet-up” business networking event.